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Welcome to 10 Bridge, Cheshire's leading physiotherapy clinic

Celebrating Our 10th Anniversary - 10 at 10! -
FREE wellness and lifestyle presentations

Celebrating Our 10th Anniversary - 10 at 10!

To commemorate this landmark anniversary we are hosting a series of complimentary lifestyle and wellness presentations. We would like to thank you for your support and being part of the 10Bridge story by inviting you to our FREE wellness and lifestyle presentations.

Places are limited for each of the FREE presentations, so please book your place by calling us on 01244 300828.

Joint Care – for active, pain free movement

Tuesday 21st March 18.30 to 19.15
Hosted by Mark Browes,
Clinical Director, 10Bridge Physio

There are more than 500 causes of joint pain ranging from injury to disease. The most common is osteoarthritis, which affects eight million people in the UK. It usually occurs over the age of 45, but can affect younger people if they have injured or repetitively strained joints. It is caused by degeneration of cartilage at a joint and can lead to the growth of small bone 'spurs', which grate together on movement causing pain. The care of your joints is so important for your future function and lifestyle.

In this presentation you will learn more about joints, how they work, and how you can protect them. You will receive simple tips on joint health and joint care and how you can maintain a pain free active lifestyle.

5 Simple Tips to a Healthy Active Lifestyle

Tuesday 28th March 18.30 to 19.15
Hosted by Racheal Browes,
Wellness Coach

If you would like to improve your health, gain more energy, lose weight, learn more about nutrition then this presentation is for you.

In this one hour presentation you will learn 5 simple tips designed to improve your health and wellbeing.

In the presentation you will be invited to use our body metric scales which will give you a full body analysis which includes your weight, your body fat %, your hydration levels, your basal metabolic rate, your metabolic age, your internal fats and your bone mass. You can use this information in conjunction with the presentation to create your own personalised wellbeing plan. You will learn how many calories you personally burn per day, how to rev up your metabolism, learn about a balanced diet and how to identify and avoid hidden sugars.

Back Care - Back Pain, Treatment and Cures

Tuesday 4th April 18.30 to 19.15
Hosted by Mark Browes,
Clinical Director, 10Bridge Physio

Back pain is extremely common and most of us will experience it in our lifetime. It is usually a symptom of stress caused to the muscles, tendons or ligaments of the back caused by poor posture, bending incorrectly, twisting the back or lifting a heavy object. Lower back pain can be caused by a variety of problems with any parts of the complex, interconnected network of spinal muscles, nerves, bones, discs or tendons in the lumbar spine.

In this presentation you will learn about the bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, discs, nerves and tendons that make up your back.

You will learn more about joints, how they work, and how you can protect them. You will also learn simple tips and techniques to protect your back and to reduce pain.

As a team of experienced, chartered Physiotherapists based on the outskirts of Chester, we are committed to your improved strength, movement & flexibility, taking you towards the physical condition in which you would like to be.

We have in depth knowledge of how muscles, joints, nerves, ligaments & bones are related to injury and rehabilitation. Ultimately, we want to help you to move without pain, discomfort or restrictions.

We can help with

Neck / Back Pain Sciatica Joint Pain Fractures Postural concerns Whiplash Knee Pain Muscle pain / injuries
Sports related injuries Repetitive strain injuries Post-surgical rehabilitation

Get a FREE copy of 10 steps to back pain relief